Give it a Go

In May 2014 the Give it a go… group attended ‘Circus Marra’, a large camp organised by Northumberland Scouts for 1500 young people from across the North of England. Their experience at Circus Marra left them with many happy memories and also allowed them to try many new activities, increase their confidence and meet lots of different people. 

It may seem normal for all young people to attend events such as these, but for some it is a real challenge. These young people have all suffered from lack of self-esteem and the effects of social isolation in their lives, they face a number of barriers to participating in the day to day activities that others young people take for granted. However, through their regular attendance on the ‘Give it a go…’ programme they have now developed the confidence needed to explore new opportunities, build new friendships and visit new places. As a result they tell us that they have become more content with their lives, happier to express themselves and more able to realise the potential they have to make a difference, not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others. 

Since Marra Camp this group of youngsters have progressed onto LookwideUK’s ‘Explore!’ programme, making space for more isolated young people to access the nurturing support of ‘Give it a go…’. And with support from Children in Need and Awards for All both ‘Give if a go…’ and ‘Explore!’ continue to offer young people the boost they need to make the most of their lives and supporting in the transition through teenage life and education.