'Give it a Go...' Success Story B

B is 16 years old and lives in the West End of Newcastle. B was referred to ‘Give it a Go…’ by Barnardo’s. B has always suffered from behavioural issues, arising from ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome; these affect both his school career and home life.

However, B has engaged with ‘Give it a Go…’ positively and pro-actively, often taking a leading role in the activities. B’s mother has expressed how well he is progressing on the programme. Before he started coming out with LookwideUK he would just sit in his room and did not have many friends- the only social interaction he had was through Facebook and online gaming.

But now he has new friends who he keeps in touch with and he looks forward to meeting them every session. We have discussed further training and career paths for B and he’s progressed on to LookwideUK’s ‘Explore!’ programme to start working towards a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and John Muir Award.

Keep at it B!